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GASTRO ANTALYA 2022International Gastronomy & Kitchen Stars FestivalAntalya, the capital of tour

International Gastronomy & Kitchen Stars FestivalAntalya, the capital of tour

Antalya, the capital of tourism, Has been hosting a world-class organization in the rapidly growing gastronomy sector. The “International Gastronomy and Culinary Stars Festival”, which was held for the third time this year at Antalya EXPO 2016 Fair Center between 17-20 November 2022, opened it's doors with the theme of “Sesame”. The festival, which was organized under the leadership of the Turkish Cooks and Chefs Federation and the Mediterranean Chefs Club Association, with the organization management of Yedi İletişim, brought together the gastronomy stakeholders of not only our country but 40 countries with an international event in Antalya. With dozens of events and communication activities held over four days. Chefs from different countries showed their talents, and I was glad to be the President of Jury, together ambitious and world chefs from 24 countries.

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