Daniele Chiari is a worldwide chef born on 1982 in a village near Rome, Genzano di Roma in Italy.

He is a 38 years old man, with strong personality, outgoing person, with passion of traveling and discover new multicultural life style. He loves photography, to practice sport, most football and kick boxing, to watch historical and action movies, read poetry and listen all genre of music.

Daniele come from a big family of bakers, restaurateurs and artisanal pasta makers, a destiny in the blood, that Daniele discover with maturity time.

He has two sisters, one younger and one older, both living in Genzano di Roma, and he is married with Kazakh woman, and he has 2 little boys, Samuele and Mansur.

During his childhood, from 6 years old until 20, Daniele tried to develop his dream career as professional footballer, as goal keeper. He achieved his higher level at age of 13, when the third team of Rome, Lodigiani brought him to discover the professional football around Italy, however, his dream ended at 20 years old, when he understood that his life path was different one.

Daniele studied in a language high school and his first culinary hospitality experience was with "The St. Regis Grand", 5 stars’ luxury hotel of Rome.

After two years, he decided to take new experience in another top hotel of Rome, Rocco Forte Hotel De Russie, where He has been working one year, before to start his world culinary journey.

In Rome, Daniele have been learning the basic of Italian and international cuisine, and at the age of 23 decided to cross the border of Italy and to start his globe culinary path.

First international experience was with the Hilton Amsterdam, where he had worked for the fine dining restaurant “Roberto’s”, with whom he got many satisfactions.

Daniele, determinate to achieve the best of his career, during the experience in Nederland, decided to continue his study for hospitality, and he got a bachelor degree in “Tourism management”.

The path taken with the Hilton of Amsterdam became too tight for the high motivations of Daniele, who decided to take a new experience in the Middle East.

This time a new cultural life style was waiting Daniele, Ras Al Khaimah, a city near Dubai; The Hilton Resort and spa became the new house of the Italian young chef.

With the position of Sous chef in charge of Italian restaurant “Piacere del Gusto”, Daniele achieved immediately his top goal from the Middle East caterer awards 2009, as higher commended sous chef of the year in Middle East.

With His Italian savoir-faire, Daniele has conquered immediately the guests in Middle East.

Time to rest or continue to grow and achieve new goals? 

Of course, Daniele with his fame of conquests didn't stop.

He decided to take one step back and renew his culinary knowledge.

After been a month around Indonesia, relaxing and discovering new culinary flavors, Daniele went back to Italy for just six months, working in the beautiful of Sicily island for a summer season with Hilton Giardini Naxos.

Daniele, recharged and full of motivations, accepted a new challenge, again in Middle East.

This time in Doha, Qatar, with another important hotel chain, Marriott, where he is being in charge as Italian chef for one of the most popular restaurant in Doha during 2011 and 2012, “Cucina” the traditional Italian trattoria.

However, Daniele was no longer satisfied to be only an Italian chef, and at the right moment, he decided to take his biggest challenge as Executive chef, and signed new contract for the opening of first five stars resort in Kazakhstan with Rixos hotel chain.

Before to travel in Kazakhstan, Daniele was some months around south of Asia.

Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Hong Kong. The flavors of Asia opened to Daniele a fusion culinary vision, that he will develop during the years.

From the hot weather of middle East, to the Siberian winter.

In Kazakhstan, and precisely in capital city of Astana, Daniele grew as executive chef, training and coaching local young chefs, developing new culinary concept for hospitality schools of Borovoe areas.

After taking the best of this adventure, In 2014 he decided to move forward and back with Marriott hotels, Daniele got opportunity to open the Renaissance hotel Minsk, Belarus, as Executive chef.

Two years full of challenges and satisfactions, where Daniele discovered to be a great influencer and motivator for new culinary life style in the country.  Daniele was the first chef in Belarus to create Sunday brunches, culinary workshop, great catering concept for all Embassies events, big companies meeting and professional football club, like Spain, Barcellona, Porto, Fiorentina just to name some.

The social media and press where obvious attracted by this Italian explosive chef, Daniele has been part of different culinary and promotional campaign programs, most important was The eight-day journey of the UN70 Belarus Express for Sustainable Development Goals train was a shared dream of the United Nations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus that aimed to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations and to promote the 17 SDGs adopted by the UN General Assembly in September 2015, where Daniele has been part of the culinary TV shows part.

At 34 years old, Daniele has been achieving the highest qualification within hospitality hotels as Executive chef, and the time for new page of his career was behind the door.

In 2016, Daniele enter as Culinary consultant for one of most popular culinary institute of Italy, I.C.I.F., "Italian culinary institute for foreigners".

Daniele has been traveling in different countries to develop and train chefs, supporting the request of restaurateur, hotels and catering company.

He has been supporting the school to develop culinary concepts for EXPO2017 in Astana.

In the end of 2017, an unexpected called from Saudi Arabia, it brought Daniele, back to Middle East.

The best challenge of his career was open to him with Royal palaces kitchen, Daniele, until today, is responsible of officials catering events for the government.

During the last three years, Daniele had the opportunity to cook for, Arab Summits, Islamic conferences, Gulf summits, the Holy Makkah events, Ramadan and Hajj and  important world states leaders.

Daniele never stop to develop his management skill, continually studying, taking certificate for master executive project management, food safety manager certificate, develop a diet and nutrition certification, , the new Nordic diet study, and a certificate for business English language.

Daniele is studying now to get a mini-MBA certificate.

The career of Daniele is in continuing ongoing and day by day achieving new goals.

He is in process to write first culinary book “The taste of my steps”, a culinary travel around the world taste flavors seen by his experience.

The most important thing in the life for Daniele is “never stop to learn and continually challenge themselves ”

His future goals are among a family life style and  business man in the world.