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Euro-Toque Italia

After waiting for some times, I got approval to be part of Euro-toques Italian delegation! Glad to be part of it.

Lettera Daniele Chiari
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In 1986 the French chef Paul Bocuse , together with his friend and colleague Pierre Romeyer , discuss the problems that European catering is facing, but above all they are both aware of the drift towards which the food system risks heading. They decide to extend the comparison to other chefs who are passionate about their work in individual European countries: Gualtiero Marchesi in Italy, Wegner Vogel in Sweden, Juan Mari Arzak in Spain, Cas Spijkers in the Netherlands, Myrtle Allen in Ireland, Arne Fusager in Denmark, Eckart Witzighann in Germany, Michel Da Costain Portugal, René Jacquemin in Luxembourg, David Miller in the UK. It is perhaps the first attempt at a confrontation between chefs which today has instead become the norm. But thirty years ago it wasn't exactly so easy to come together, especially at an international level, to find a common model of behavior. They succeeded, recognizing themselves in a code of honor that is more current than ever.

Thus Euro-Toques International was born which, among the first acts, received the official recognition of the European Community, through the president of the European Commission, Jacques Delors, who indicates Euro-Toques as the association for the defense of food quality in every nation . The first president was the Belgian Pierre Romeyer, followed by the French Paul Bocuse , the Irish Myrtle Allen , the Swede Lars “Pluto” Johansson , the Italian Gualtiero Marchesi , the Spaniard Pedro Subijana , Fred Dijsselbloem from the Netherlands, the French Didier Peschard , up to the current president Enrico Derflinger .

In Italy the association was founded by Gualtiero Marchesi who held the presidency for a long time and then passed the baton to Massimo Spigaroli first and Enrico Derflinghercurrent president. Under his guidance, the association gave life to the Euro-Toques Italia International Award, which is awarded every year to the great masters of catering: the first to receive it, in 2013 in Montecatini Terme, was Sirio Maccioni.

There are 19 European member countries which bring together more than 2,500 chefs who recognize themselves in the code of honor and make part of their time available to share their experiences and discuss issues concerning the reason why Euro-Toques was founded: to guarantee good and healthy food for European citizens.

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